Dilip Dholakia's Academy of Yoga and Balance therapy

The balance therapy is a newly invented therapy, invented by Mr. Dilip Dholakia. This therapy can cure 90% of diseases.

Dilip Dholakia has been a big name in the field of yoga, He has cured thousands of patients with his experience. Balance therapy is the fruitful result of his 30 years of experience and practice. Mr. Dilip Dholakia believes that the whole body has his own balance, balance of Chakras, balance of our spinal cord, balance of Pran, balance of thoughts. when the balance of the body gets disturbed only then body gets all kind of diseases. so the balance therapy is the Technic to regain the balance of your body and to get free from all the diseases. This therapy has cured thousands of people from several diseases including Diabetes, thyroid, cholesterol, blood pressure, heart troubles, asthma, allergy, knee pain, any joint pain, depression, insomnia, kidney problems, and even cancer.
The superior physician cures the illness before it is manifested, and the inferior physician only cares for the illness which he was not able to prevent. and The balance therapist is surly a superior physician.

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